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Responsive design testing tool

What is responsive design:

Responsive web design is basically a layout of website which deals with the devices of different sizes. The working of responsive design is to resize itself according to the type of device. The device could be monitor, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. One website with different elements which respond on various devices is known as responsive web design.

History of responsive design:

The first Check Responsive website was created in 2001 which was known as At that time the word “flexible” was used for the responsive design. Developer Ethan Marcotte used a phrase “responsive web design” in 2010 to this responsive layout. In 2011 Ethan Marcotte wrote a book titled with “Responsive Web Design”. In 2013 the trend of responsive web design has become famous. It was due to the faster growth of Smartphones and other small devices that the trend of responsive web design is running till now. Today responsive web design has a great importance in the world of technology.

How to check responsiveness by online tool:

As we discuss above the definition, history and importance of responsive design. Now the question is that how to check responsiveness of our website? How can we know that our website has responsive design or not?

The answers of above questions are different online tools. In the world of technology there are many websites on which you can get free online tool to check responsiveness of your website. Those online tools are made to give you a superior service. is one of them which is made to provide you a better service by different online tools specially responsiveness testing tool.

Here, we are giving you some instructions; by following them you would get your desired online tool to check responsiveness of your website.


  • Go to the URL and approach to the navigation bar, hit the button CHECK RESPONSIVE
  • You will see a text field and many devices of different companies with check box
  • Entre the URL in the text field and do check in the box of your desired device, click the button SUBMIT and you will get the result within second.
  • Orientation is also given on the head of device frame, you can select the portrait or landscape mode as well.
  • You can also test the responsiveness of your website on more than one device at a time.

How responsive website is beneficial?

There are many benefits of responsive web design few of them are given below:

A lot of mobile traffic:

Today, people in majority prefer the smart phones such as small screen device or tablet etc. the reason is that it is easy to keep and easy to use as well. Due to this fact, about 70% traffic of users gather on the website from mobiles. In this case if you have responsive website you will get more and more mobile traffic on your website.

Faster loading of web pages:

If your website hasn’t responsive design then web pages take longer time to finish loading. But on the other hand if your website is optimized for smart phones and other small screen devices, the web pages would not take longer time to load. It is also a positive sign to grow traffic towards your website.

Lower bounce rate:

A responsive website provides a better experience to visitors especially to smart phones users. A user can get faster loading of web pages and can navigate the responsive website on mobile easily. This experience will help to get lower bounce rate. In this way user will engage in visit to your website because you are giving them a superior service.

Able to see web pages without internet:

If a user visits your responsive website and suddenly he/she gets some important work then he would close the browser not tabs, after the work when he will open the browser then he would be able to see that responsive website without internet connection.